Shake your ass juelz

That girl used never wanna give me no pussy And I couldnt ever ever figure out why? Then I came up on all this money And now she shake her ass everytime I walk by Couldnt help but to bend that ass over [Ice Cube] Look at you girl, eyes brown, ass round Feels like a nigga chasin down a rebound It's bouncin like a basketball, if you got no ass at all Sorry girl but you won't make the casting call Skinny bitches need to find that nutritionist Shit that make yo' ass so thick and delicious Is it the food or is it the water? That make your daughter wanna show what Momma taught her C'mere How I talk, how I smell, how I smile How I think, how I fuck, how I grind Fuck wit' me, ya get ya meat and ya vegetables ooo gonna love it Fuck wit' him, ya get a fuckin metrosexual gonna love it You want a man stronger than you Not a motherfucker in the mirror longer than you Break a nail and his punk ass lookin for glue You want a nigga wit' a hard dick lookin at you lookin at you [R. Kelly] And woo and wee and you and me, havin fun, then when it's over in the mornin I say gracias baby, then before you go I say dolomo.
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Juelz Santana - Shake Your Ass

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Gucci Mane - Shake Dat Ass (ft. Juelz Santana & Chubbie Baby) | Play for free on Anghami

Back to the previous page Artist: What the Game's Been Missing! Sizzla] Juelz Santana Owwwww!!!! Click clack and it's over you dead This is it My damn glock, buss a cap in your head Santana It's in my blood I love killin you fools This here for my shottas I'm a thug, that goes by no rules DipSet! Juelz Santana] Heaven knows if I'm meant to go I'm a shotta Let me know if I'm meant to go I'm a shotta Send the toast if I'm meant to go I'm a shotta Tell my folks I've been sent to go I got a shotta, shotta, shotta, shotta Scream shotta, shotta, shotta, shotta We shottas, shottas, shottas, shottas Yeah shottas, shottas, shottas, shottas [Verse 1: Juelz Santana] All sides all guys all rise now BO! Make four shots now Now all ladies more ladies all guys down Say Ah!
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